Bifröst - heidenmetal

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Hello there! At first, may I introduce myself: I’m Ragnar, the frontman of Bifröst and I want to thank you for your interest in our band and especially for the nice words concerning our new album “ Tor in Eine Neue Welt ”. As you can imagine the reaction of fans and press was huge, due to the fact that there were three years of silence around us. In general it can be said that the feedback was and is still very good and that people seem to be really impressed by our release. We get new feedback from fans and press every day, so it´s really hard to remember certain particular words, but overall the album seems to be “fantastic” or “totally amazing”. Press reactions were also especially nice. We mostly got somewhere between 7 and 10 points out of 10, even from reviewers who are not so much into melodic death and pagan metal – so I think we did a good job with “ Tor in Eine Neue Welt ” and we of course can´t wait to perform the songs live on stage to convince everyone out there from our live performance qualities. But there was also some negative feedback. Some people complained that the album is simply too long, containing too many songs. Well, the more songs you put on an album, the more often people have to listen to it to get familiar with each track. Releasing a longer album always requires more time, in producing as well as in listening. When deciding to put so many songs on the album, we were just thinking about releasing the best material that we have written during the last three years. Of course another goal was that we wanted to show people that it´s still worth all the money to buy an honest album. I think we were able to achieve those goals by releasing “ Tor in Eine Neue Welt ”. It has a playtime of over 72 minutes. Of course this is pretty much, but this is Bifröst and you get something for your goods here, right?

Bifröst - HeidenmetalBifröst - HeidenmetalBifröst - HeidenmetalBifröst - Heidenmetal